How to Program Toyota CHR 2020 Prox All Keys Lost ?

If  the Toyota CHR 2020 Proximity All Keys Lost, how to do it and what tool can be used with?

C-HR 2020 is still old system, no rolling pin. You can try with the following systems,AUtel IM608/IM508,LONSDOR,and Tango


Autel IM608/IM508

If USA model, it is done via OBD,

if it is an EU model, bench + OBD job.


USA model:

Toyota new IMMO software V3.80 adds Add Key and Erase Key functions for models including C-HR EV, Harrier HV, Highlander HV/Kluger HV, Izoa EV, RAV4 PHV, Sienna HV, Wildlander, Wildlander HV, Wildlander PHV, Yaris Cross and Yaris Cross HV.

All keys lost is not yet available on US model, only add key.

EU model:

Test report

Toyota CHR 2020 year proximity all keys lost done by autel im508 xp400 + gbox +apb112

immo box module is behind glovebox.  Inside this smartbox you will not find EEPROM.  Inside is Secured / Crypted MCU.
EU model must be done on bench, cannot do it through OBD with Autel.

2) Tango

Tango software V1.122 adds OBD solution for Toyota CHR 2017+ Smart Box ECU
These vehicles utilize Toyota smart keys (page1 A9), emulated on SLK-04/04E.

Actual smart keys can then be added via standard diagnostic procedure (Techstream & others).*

Requires Tango Toyota CHR 2018+ Software Activation.

Feedback: Tango and techstream yesterday test work on this.



3) Lonsdor K518ISE

Requires ADP adapter to work with.

ADP adapter supports 90% Toyota Lexus proximity smart key programming without AKL license and rolling PIN.