OTOFIX D1 Pro and Xtool D8W,Which one to choose?

OTOFIX D1 Pro and Xtool D8W diagnostic scan tool which is better?

Item OTOFIX D1 Pro

Xtool D8W 


Operating system Android 10.0 Android 10.0
Screen 10.1inch 8 inch
Screen resolution 1920*1200 1024×768P
Processor Qualcomm 660 4 Core 1.5 GHz
ROM 128GB 64GB
Battery 15,000mAh 10000 mAh
Connection WiFi

BT V2.1+ EDR

USB 2.0

HDMI 2.0




Camera Rear 16MP Rear 8MP
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes
CAN FD & DoIP Yes Yes
AutoVIN Yes Yes
Scan VIN/License Yes Scan VIN yes, No scan license
Bi-directional control Yes Yes
VAG Guided Functions Yes Yes
Special functions 40 38
Topology mapping No Yes
Vehicle coverage 150 Makes & 10000 Models 140 makes and 10000 models
VAG ECU Coding & Online IMMO Yes Yes
Remote Expert Yes No
Language Multi-language Multi-language, 21
Update 2 Years free update, $195 per year later. 3 years free update
Pre & Post scan Yes No
Oscilloscope With MaxiScope MV408
Endoscope With MaxiVideo MV105/MV108 With XV100
Battery test With BT1 Lite
WiFi printing Yes
IMMO key programming Read online PIN codes for Audi, VW, etc. Cannot add IMMO add-on module With KC100 or KC501 IMMO adapter
Renault security gateway Supported with Renault software V4.5 and later No
FCA Autoauth No No
Price $709 $695

In sum:

Xtool D8W has topology mapping and a fast WiFi dongle plus the price and 3 years update.

Xtool D8W supports immo add-on modules and will do advanced key programming, OTOFIX D1 Pro does not. Need OTOFIX IM1/IM2 IMMO tools.

OTOFIX supports Renault gateway, Xtool does not. Both cannot do FCA Autoauth bypass/

OTOFIX D1 Pro has a better hardware configuration, larger ROM, larger battery, better camera, it runs faster.
D1 Pro connects via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, Xtool only connects via WiFi.

OTOFIX D1 Pro supports scan vin/scan license, remote expert, battery test, Xtool does not.

If you need a diagnostic scanner, OTOFIX D1 Pro is better. If need to dig into IMMO area, Xtool is better to go.