How to use BMW HU92 Lishi Picking correctly?

Have no idea how to use Lishi BMW HU92 picking correctly? Here we go for how does it work, the issues you may across and how to solve them.

I’m telling you what I heard from Mr. Li: Each lock has a favorite direction, which is easier to Pick. IT doesn’t matter when that is the locking direction, the lock is open. Right hand drive vehicles are harder to Pick open, As to Pick IT closed. This comes often When you use just a Pick not a 2 in1 or 3 in 1.

Usually I use a plug spinner When it is easier to lock the door to spare some Time. When you learn how to master the 3 in 1 you Will forget this kind of problem. Usually it won’t take 3 mins to open a lock.


Simple procedure:

after you turn to lock
do the decode
then pick it the other way now that you know the cuts to pick it to.



Just pick it the easy way first and DECODE

then you know the combination!!!

now turn the other way and just pick to that same combination……………..

you may have to go back and forth 3-4 times even with the correct combination before it turns to unlock direction

but this is the quickest simplest and easiest way.

cheapest for customer as well

SECOND version of this is the direct read decoder and then just pick it to that combination in the unlock direction.



I can decode ok it’s just opening with lishi without having to cut a blank is the problem



HU92 are not that difficult , your issue may well be down to not enough tension if the lock you are trying to pick has multiple high lifts in it , due to the increased tension needed to simplify the picking process on locks with multiple high lifts , THE SINGLE LIFTER TOOL is best suited to the job as copes with heavy tension better than the twin lift tool.

start using medium tension and pick what binds , when you reach a position that nothing binds then increase your tension until you get binding wafers again , keep doing this till open , it will often mark your thumb as tension can be very heavy , you will find you will need to keep going back to the same 2 or 3 wafers which will be the high lift till fully picked.

once you master this then these will all pick open in a minute or 2 .

heavy tension especially the heaviness of tension needed for some of these with multiple high lifts will kill and break the twin lift tool .

with the single lift tool its simpler to defeat these as better suited to heavier tension needed , but even these have their breaking point, the knack is learning to adjust your tension throught the picking process on these , once you master it then these pose no problems , plenty of practice time.



Many find there own method that works best for them , it comes down to the effort and time you put into each lock in bench practice and understanding the lock , the more time you put in and dedicate to practice and understanding of the lock the better you become , as with any skill , you get back what you put in.


you could use the single lifter first.

If you master using the twin lever tool, you can do all generation hu92.
And go straight to decoding.
So better to go for just this tool al the time.
Once you can do the hu92, you can also do hu83 and hu66 locks.


Please bear in mind: Practice makes perfect.


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