How to Repair BMW FRM3 with Xhorse Multi Prog (Automatically)?

Over 20 BMW FRM3 (footwell module) have already been repaired with Xhorse Multi Prog. Very easy and 100% satisfied.



How to Repair BMW FRM with Multi-Prog:


Very simply read the instructions on the tool. Read in the repair section then write the file you just read in the repair section.

No need to change anything like the old vvdi prog just read then write.


Normally from battery being bad corrupts the flash you convert d flash to eeprom and write a partition but multi prog will do this automatically.

The old vvdi prog you used to have to write the partition multi prog is all automated.



1.Choose D-Flash-Back-up, click READ, and save DFLASH file read

2.Choose Data Repair, click ‘Open file’, select the file saved in the previous step, click ‘WRITE


Multi Prog wiring diagram to BMW FRM module 2M25J/3M25J