Wie kann man Autel KM100 mit TF-Karte flashen?

How to Flash Autel KM100 with TF Card?

In some cases, we need to reflash the Autel MaxiIM KM100 firmware. For example, if your device automatically restarts every 5-10 minutes.

Download KM100 flash files




  • One TF card (larger than 4G, please backup all personal files)
  • One card reader.
  • Windows computer (make sure the windows computer USB port has write permission.)
  • “update.img” file (included in the flash files).
  • “SDDiskTool” (included in the flash files)
  • An Autel KM100 which needs to be flashed.


Step 1: Install flash file

  • Copy “update.img” to Windows computer. Insert the TF card to card reader and plug the card read to computer USB port.
  • Decompress the “SDDiskTool_v1.61.zip”to computer, will see the “SDDiskTool_v1.61”folder.
  • Run “SD_Firmware_Tool.exe” program in “SDDiskTool_v1.61” like the following screenshot:

  • Select removable disk. The inserted TF card will be selected automatically in normal case, but if more than 1 removable disk inserted in the computer, then need to select the TF card manually or remove another removable disk.
  • Tick firmware upgrade.
  • Click “select firmware” and select the “update.img” file.
  • Click “Start to crate” and select “OK” in the pop-up warning window. (The TF card will be formatted in this step, please make sure personal files backed up already)
  • It may take 7 min to finish the step. It will show successful window and please click “OK”



Step 2: Copy keepcar file (Optional)

If do not want to reset the Autel KM100 to factory default (Means will keep the history diagnostic files and photos), please copy the “keepcar.txt”to TF card root menu.  Otherwise, please delete the “keepcar.txt”.


Step 3: Flash the KM100 (Please make sure the electricity is greater than 30%)

Insert the TF card to the KM100 which need to be flashed. Long press the power button to reboot the KM100, it will go to flash process automatically. And can take out the TF card once the screen shows successful.


Step 4: Clean up the system

Reboot the KM100 and go to System settings—system—reset—Factory data reset (DO NOT tip the erase SD card)—reset the device and the device will reboot automatically.