Kann Autel IM608 schlüssellosen VVDI-Schlüssel für MB S-Klasse w221 programmieren?

 Can Autel MaxiIM IM608 program VVDI keyless key for MB S class w221?

Programmed it, but key works only as standart key keyless not working.



-Yes but needs to be type 08 key ONLY

or will not work

Also, this is 2 step process:

1st program regular key. Then synchronize the prox function

The key that you have is not proximity key. Proximity key will read as type 08 and also has 2 antennas on it


-Under 2009 Proxy have different frequency, not covered it by VVDI, you need original NEC Proxy key. Do you program key like V41 type? If not, keyless entry doesn’t work.


– Proximity by VVDI MB or CG MB will be OK.


-Original key and 2 batteries can’t be used. Before that, the device is reading the cup supported by vvdi.. I made it for a 2011 s350 it says w221 on the license but the device read w216. Keyless not active because of w216.