Wie programmiere ich Honda Air Blade Motorcycle alle verlorenen Schlüssel mit OBDSTAR?

Hier ist die Anleitung zum Programmieren des Honda Air Blade Motorradschlüssels, wenn alle Schlüssel mit OBDSTAR-Werkzeugen verloren wurden.

Tool required

OBDSTAR MS80 motorcycle diagnostic tool

or OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/X300 Pro4 with Motor IMMO license and adapter

9-digit pin code from dealer



Connect OBDSTAR X300 or MS80 with Motorcycle via P002 adapter and M053 special harness

Go to Moto IMMO function- click All– quick search Honda brand – select latest Honda motor software version- Manual Select Model –  AIR BLADE – All Keys Lost

Confirm connection is okay

Tips: press Operation Instruction to check operation steps;

Switch all keys to the disable mode, click Enter

Tips: within help data files of Switch Key Mode in AIR BLADE menu.

OBDSTAR will ask a 9-digit pincode to access, manually enter pin and confirm

Switch the new key to the working mode, click Enter;

Program successfully;

Test new key.

Note: Strictly follow your device tips in your operation process.