How to use Xtool X100 Pad 3 Read EEPROM Data?

Anleitung zum Lesen von EEPROM-Chipdaten mit Xtool X100 Pad 3, Es muss mit dem Eeprom-Adapter funktionieren. Schritt für Schritt wie folgt:

Connect the Eeprom chip to the Xtool x100 pad3 eeprom adapter, and then connect the main cable. connect the power supply, be sure to connect the power supply adapter before operating.

Enter Xtool X100 Pad3 main interface, click diagnosis then click other service.

Choose eeprom adapter, choose eeprom program

Choose eeprom chip model then read eeprom data.

Name the data file and save it.

Back to Xtool X100 Pad3 main interface, You can check the the file in Report—File management—adapter.

Check the video for more detail