How to Update and Activate AUTEK IKEY820 Key Programmer

Download  The Instruction:

Instruction for Update and Activate Autek Ikey 820 Key Programmer

Original Autek IKey820 Universal Car Key Programmer Support All Key Lost No Token Limitation

Top 7  Reasons to Get Autek IKey820 Key Programmer

1.Support almost all vehicles in the world
2.Do not need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles
3.Can read pin code for many vehicles, only a few vehicles need to get pincode from other place
4.No ticket needed. You can program as many cars as you can.
5.Frequent monthly update
6.Low price to meet the economic crisis, cost-effective

7. No Token Limitation. Autek IKey820 has 500 tokens as default, when use up, you can charge 200 tokens each time for free and program as many cars as you need.

Autek IKey820 Features and Functions:

1. Year model up to 2019
2. Provide Roadside key& Remote Programming for Drivers
3. Read & Clear Fault Codes
4. Clear Ley Memory
5. Program Proximity& Non-Proximity Keys
6. Program Smart Keys
7. Program Plip Keys
8. Program Aftermarket& OEM keys
9. Program Aftermarket& OEM Remote Key Fob’s
10. Read Immobilizer Pin-Codes From Engine ECU or Body Control Module
11. Read Pre-Code data from engine ECU or Body Control Module
12. Professional Car Key Programming for locksmith, garage, and car body repair centers