Free Download ODIS EU License File for VNCI 6154A

When and why do you need the ODIS EU License file?


Here comes the problem:

Received the vnci 6154a with odis-s 23 and odis-e V17 software. ODIS engineering works good. It flashes the modules. But Odis service does not want to identify the car. Only sees VIN.

When manually identifying and choosing an engine, it’s not mine.

Possible reason:

License issue. The license was Chinese. You can download the EU license file.

ODIS EU license file

Now the car will be immediately identified. All you have to do is select the engine model and it will be on the list.

Feedback & Result: 

The license was Chinese. I replaced the file with a European one and everything was determined.

Diagnostics is faster than other 6154a VCI, it works via WIFI. Updated the software of the engine control unit, airbags and steering rack.