Wie stoppe ich PCMTuner PCMFlash 1.2.5 Updates?

How to Stop PCMTuner PCMFlash 1.2.5 Updates?

About the PCMTuner,Only pcmtuner software allows being updated online. Never update pcmflash software.

if pcmtuner says update available, press OK to run an upgrade.

If pcmflash asks for an update to 1.2.5. Click No, never update pcmflash. Dongle has pcmflash 1.2.0.


This is the message we want to get rid of.

Firewall needs to be active.

First, get into the windows settings

Then reach the firewall settings.
Enter the advanced settings.

Create a new rule

Select the pcmflash.exe destination folder

Block the connection

Repeat the operation for the next rule.

Then you’re done.