Wie lösche ich GMC Sierra AFM mit dem MPM ECU Tuning Tool?

How to Delete GMC Sierra AFM with MPM ECU Tuning Tool?

You can do the Active Fuel Management (AFM) delete or disable with the new MPM ECU/TCU tuning tool.  It will do ECM. TCM, some fuel pump module, but no BCM, MPM doesn’t do BCM’s.


Here is an example of deleting AFM on 2014 GMC Sierra 1500, work 100%.


Before starting, make sure that you have a battery maintainer in the car, you need constant power to make this readings and writing.

Don’t risk bricking the ECM.


Step 1:

Hit MPM PLUG in PCMTUNER software, once it opens. click on read ( see picture below)

Step 2: hit Gather info, and then Read.
will give you the option to read transmission, ECM, and CCM. just go for the ECM to do this.

Click on ‘engine’, then go to fuel, and change DOD to ‘Disable’


STEP 4: hit ‘Write’

STEP 5: choose ‘write calibration’ on the prompt and hit write. wait until is done and take it for a ride to check it out