How to Update PCMTuner Software & Activation Chip List,Review

What is PCMtuner tool?

PCMtuner tool can read and write ECU data through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes. PCMtuner performs a complete backup of ECU data, easy ECUs clones, and  power upgrades. It can also support read and write gearboxes. According to the data read out via PCMtuner tool, our engineers can provide customers stage1 stage2 stage3, popbangs ,gearbox data to adjust LC, sport display, immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off, vmax, swirl off, restoring ECU or TCU factory setting service (paid service).

What’s the Function?

1. Read and write ECU data
2. ECU/TCU clone
3. ECU parameter adjustment
4. ECU maintenance engineering
5. Chip tuning
6. Read ECU maps
7. Checksum correction (Auto checksum)
8. Stage 1-3, gearbox tuning , LC, sportdisplay , immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off , vmax , swirl off
9. Read flash and eeprom files
10. Powertrain adjustment
11.  VR files supply
12. Read and Clear DTC
13. Helpdesk supply free Damaos for tuner

Operation Modes

OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes


PCMTuner is updated regularly online for a long time.

Update instruction will be attached soon.

Any Subscription?

No annual fee, no monthly fee.

No subscription, they promise updates free, for the price and the modules its ok.


The device requires activation.  Provide device serial number to us to activate it.

Following modules are activated:
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 21, 32, 33, 36, 48, 51, 52, 53, 56, 57, 58, 62, 69, 71, 73

USB Dongle

USB dongle is required.

The lincenses for the moduls are on the dongle.

The dongle can also be used on KTMOBD, KTMBENCH, KTMFLASH etc programmers.

With the new dongle, you don’t have to buy a brand new hardware.

Chip List

Here is a PDF chip list, this is not complete.

Check the full chip list on the official website:

Does it work offline?

Work offline, VR NEED online.  Don’t need to purchase VR files. They are free.

Master or slave version?

The device is Master, the read data is in bin format, data is not encrypted.

VZ Performance Center

Free download VZ Performance Center to check wiring diagram

VZ Performance Center 


very competitive price. It is 366 for free shipping

Package List:

PCMTuner hardware
USB Cable
OBD Cable
Power adapter

How to Connect PCM Tuner Tool?

PCMTuner Review:

Already working with it and the software is 1.2.1.

The listed modules are the same as in PCMFlash. Seems like a full PCMFlash Clone with integrated scanmatik2 in new optical hardware.

It’s like a Full PCMFlash, friend of mine sent me a screenshot, is PCMFlash software, but they build another software around like autotuner menu, you can directly click OBD/BENCH/Boot and you got instructions inside.

There is an own app (pcm tuner) with online login, its like an autotuner menu, to check vehicles, which modes are available, car configs  (which read/write modes), support and the pinouts etc.

Just tested egpt with MEDC17 before and read/write dq250mbq , all worked fine.