How to solve kess V2 2.47 clone reading give checksum error and shutdown program?

Here is  the solution for  kess v2.47 5.017 clone reading Renault clio 4 1.5 dci but after finish reading give checksum error and shutdown program.

i install c++ 2005/2008/2010, netframe work and try on windows xp 32 and windows 8 32.

Possible reasons and solutions:

  1. Possible that your car is already moded. Try search for Ksuite cks off executable, then it will be readed with no cks. Or try other tool.

Ksuite cks off executable free download:!wUZDySgL!3Ppd8kDL0Aq1QlwDI9fKZ64PhUZ2a6k0NcKjiwKHhKA

Password: hjfsdjkfsdjkfjskdfsjkjksf486
Before using it, make a Copy of old exe file somewhere.

Thanks to @ mancioks (DK Veteran) for his contribution.


PS: Make backup of your actual ksuite.exe before using this.
Just can rename it before. Tested working


If cs corrected by winols and then write file without calculate from kess.


You can try read with checksum off in kess, sometimes it helpes.

it mod files checksum is calculated by winols or other software then will be ok.
If cks not done by software, write it back with Ksuite cks enabled.


  1. I did many of this edc17c42 with kess 4.036 and kess 5.017 without any problem…power supply connected to the car for 13v.



Is it possible to disable the automatic checksum of kess?



disable checksum no…but i think that you can move away the dll’s from his folder and check if the software start and work doing ID and reading on a car to test



I solved this problem for dll files. i change dll folder and try it. it is work. i read and write the file without any problem.


What I did:

change dll inside dll folder.

i apply all and i try read clio4, vito etc. i dont have a problem for this


Free download: DLL.RAR

Attached the file. copy to ksuite 2.47 folder and yes to all. it is all